martes, 19 de mayo de 2009

boys call me when they feel freaky hot

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  1. okay, let's make this short
    I clicked on a random person
    & then I clicked to your blog
    & then I saw this

    your face is flawlessly
    those eyes could capture a heart with no hopes of returning, but I'm sure the've already camptured many
    you look so damn perfect and untouchable, like nothing could hurt you, but I'm sure you get hust all the time..
    this one picture is what EVERY girl takes hours and hours to take trying to get the perfect picture, and you don't even have to try
    honestly, you're the kind of girl that models are jealous of

    I hope this makes you smile, as much or more then I did when I was writing it, because you're going to get everything in life
    you got the skills you need to be a star Casilda!
    People in life will always ruin your plans, spoil your day, steal your bf/gf..basically, they'll try to fuck you over
    don't give up

  2. shit I didn't notice the 'tiger' bahaha
    nice Casilda, nice :D

  3. you don't have to thank me, I think you're unbelievable (:

    you know what ?
    fuck them right, I'm sure they don't even know you..
    and you know what ?
    true stars never stop shining, and you have wood to be brighter than the sun

    *scout's honor